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Business Solutions

ILPEN is supporting the Israeli scientific community with high-quality equipment and support since 1977.

Advanced Racks For Ventilated Cages

Sample Model One Cage 2100

Lab Products manufactures an extensive line of advanced racks for various solutions, ranging from the classic small metal or plastic mouse cage to a variety of highly sophisticated environmental control systems.

Lab Animal Cages

Reference One Cage 2100™

Innovative cages designed with minimal components, simplifying handling, reducing inventory and increasing productivity. Observe animals with an unobstructed view of cage interiors, without having to remove cages from a rack.

Charles River Laboratories

ILPEN Scientific Supplies is the exclusive distributor of Charles River research animal models in Israel,

and the official agent for sales of associated services including health monitoring and genetically engineered

models and services. For more than 60 years, Charles River has been an industry-leading provider of research

models to pharmaceutical companies, government agencies and academic institutions around the globe.

With a commitment to scientific excellence and humane care, we deliver a complete portfolio of products

and services to support researchers in their drug development efforts, every step of the way.

Standard & Specialised diets for Lab Animals

Altromin GmbH

Altromin is one of the leading internationally-active manufacturers of special animal feed. The core-competence is the production of high standardized animal diets for the nutrition of laboratory animals used in the range of experimental (bio)medical research and development. Having more than 50 years of experience in animal nutrition, we are able to provide a highest level of scientific and technological know-how as well as professional expertise. The production of high-quality animal feed for the veterinarian pet food sector is also integral part of our distribution channels.

Hydropac - Watering Solution

Hydropac® Re-defines Lab Animal WateringAdd Details here

Hydropac® is a unique water pouch and valve system that features a single use, disposable, FDA grade flexible film water pouch combined with a single use, sterile Disposable Valve™ and an on-site machine for filling and sealing the pouches. Thoroughly tested and proven, the sterile Disposable Valve™ works with Mice, Rats, Hamsters and Guinea Pigs. Unlike sipper tubes, cage movement and animal activity does not cause the valve to leak or drip, helping your animals remain drier with reduced ammonia levels and extending time between necessary cage changes. Hydropac® works just about anywhere laboratory rodents are housed including ventilated cages, non-ventilated (static) cages and conventional open top cages.

Airborne Disinfection

This is a new way of disinfecting volumes, rooms and installations by creating a fog which will diffuse in an enclosed space and will contact all surfaces.

The Phileas concept is based on spinning disc technology, which allows for a very efficient diffusion of a liquid into calibrated droplets of 5 to 10µm, and can diffuse the resulting dry fog into the enclosure, volume or room to be treated, doing away with the need for a propulsive gas or a nozzle system.Therefore the Phileas system is very simple, reliable and efficient.Add Details hereAdd Description here

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